Bluebird aviation is my best choice for traveling in the Eastern African region of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia. Bluebird teams stay fully up-to-date on the latest routing restrictions and regulations, meaning we’re experts at sourcing the correct aircraft licensed to carry such sensitive freight.

Bluebird Aviation Flights
Bluebird Aviation Flights

Services Quality Features of Bluebird Aviation Company

  1. Luxury and comfort: flying ought to be a delight and make your contract understanding as lavish and agreeable as could reasonably be expected.
  2. Flight portrayal: To ensure all the activity in regards to your freight activity is running easily. Bluebird contract specialists group consistently helps you on the ground.
  3. Access to more air terminals: Bluebird aviation approaches every single corner of the world, which permits you to reach close to the last goal.
  4. Experience: To comprehend industry necessities for dealing with a departure from booking level to the last goal. Every colleague intensively preparing and practices.
  5. Private terminal access: maintain a strategic distance from lines and pointless deferrals; travelers can board the aircraft minutes before take-off.
  6. Worldwide inclusion: Bluebird universal contract administrations and the system give you a chance to take off from anyplace and where you come to all sort of neighborhood information on the worldwide.
  7. Cost efficiency: Bluebird thought process is to deal with significant customers and give them all the administrations a prudent cost and best in the business. Everything occurs by worth a picture in the business.
  8. Choice of aircraft: Bluebird has an enormous armada of air specialties and helicopter so everybody gets an alternative to pick the correct aircraft as indicated by their necessities.
  9. Personal account manager: your devoted sanction master is accessible day in and day out to help you with any necessities you may have, from organizing in-flight food to making a minute ago changes to your contract.

Bluebird Aviation Service List

Bluebird Private Jet Charter

  • Corporate Charter
  • Tourism Charter
  • Politician Charter
  • Wedding Charter
  • Celebrity Charter

Bluebird Helicopter Charter

  • Politician Charter
  • Tourism Charter
  • Wedding Charter

Bluebird Air Cargo

  • Humanitarian Aid Charter
  • Livestock Cargo
  • Automobile Cargo
  • Oil and Gas Cargo
  • Heavy Size Cargo
  • Time Critical Air Freight



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