Are You Following A Strict Diet And Workout Routine?

Covid 19 barged into our lives just like an uninvited guest. This pandemic has locked us and forced us to stay at our homes. But has this locked up your hands and legs too? Has the worldwide shutting down caused us to gain a few extra pounds? Well, don’t let the pandemic rule you on that term too. So, rise up and let’s get active. Set up a great diet and workout plan with a few tips and tricks from our side.

Set Up A Cycle For Your Diet And Workout

Always try to set up a routine and follow it whole-heartedly. Plan out specific times or breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Don’t forget to leave out some time for sleep too. Stress has developed in individuals during this lockdown a lot. This has led to skipping of meals and irregular sleeping patterns which have affected the body immensely by the loss of habitual hormone fluctuation.

woman doing workout

Find Time To Move Your Body And Do Some Workout

Depending upon your preference, choose to workout either in the morning or evening. If you’re a person who doesn’t have access to weight lifting equipment or other such tools, you can just go for a long run. But if due to Covid 19 protocols you are unable to go out, then don’t worry we have other methods too. You can refer Youtube videos and other workout apps and platforms which have various exercises which do not require the use of any equipment. Also, laying your hands in household chores can in one way, reduce your body from building up fat and on the other way, can make your mom happy. Chores like mopping the floor, sweeping, gardening, arranging the cupboards and shelves may seem to be little, but is actually tiresome when you start doing it.

What To Eat And What Not To… Find The Right Diet Plan

Since it’s lockdown, most of this have this mood ‘Chill’ instilled in our minds. This often leads us to take in more of junk food as it is crunchy and a great snack while watch a series or movie. But frankly speaking, these types of food don’t actually do good to your body. The more you have them, the more weight you are gaining. Focus on something healthy and green. Always try to have something that keeps your immunity high. This can help you withstand the great dangers of Covid 19 to some extent. Make an effort to have homemade food for almost all the meals as this can reduce the risk of food poisoning also during this pathetic season. If you are craving for a mid-morning or evening snack, you can go for almonds or a bowl of cut fruits.

Be In Good Health And Aspire For Your Desired Body

So take this lockdown as a pleasant time to unlock yourself and remain healthy in your diet, mind and body. You can also take this as an opportunity to aim for those toned legs or flat tummy you always dreamed for. Take this pandemic season as a golden occasion to aim for your best shape and flawless health.



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