Games have always been a source of entertainment from an early age. Earlier when the computer was invented games used to check performance. When the Internet came into existence, games examined the execution. From kid’s games to adult games, shooting games to dress games, online games have covered a massive range of game types to grab a variety of audiences. The gaming industry has progressed over the years as it has taken some jaw-dropping turns.

Online gaming

What do you mean by online gaming?

Does it simply mean playing games via the Internet on different devices?

No. It is an immersive experience that only game lovers can understand.

 The online games are either played solo or multiplayer mode. They are usually compatible with both Android and iOS devices as online gaming have been a revolution in the history of games.

In the new world of online gaming, many genres have been introduced and this has certainly managed to grab the attention of every age group. Every game has amazing visuals or simply text-based displays.

Although gaming is criticized by a few people because of gaming addiction and the promotion of violent acts. But it has proved to be very beneficial to the gamer psychologically as well as physically.


History of Online Gaming

From the 1940s to 1960s innumerable games were developed and most of them became popular among the players. Initially, games were played on desktop computers. But during 1960-1990 video games were introduced and this became super popular. The time-sharing and host-based network proved to be the core elements in the foundation of the internet.

Most of the games were designed and developed to promote online involvement. Online games are way more cost effective than playstation games. Therefore the culture of online gaming flourished around the world over the past years.


Online Gaming Industry Advancements

Over the years, online gaming has progressed rapidly in the past century.

You know that technology has a strong impact on every industry. Same is the case for the gaming industry as well. Technological advancement has played a significant role in changing the meaning of online gaming for us.

Having plenty of benefits like enhancing vocabulary, improving visual-spatial skills, logical thinking, boosting reaction time, improving retaining memory, etc. gaming world makes you enter a place that is stress-free. Some researchers have proved that the technological advancements of the gaming world have been a game-changer:


A.     Facial Control:

Playing the game and controlling your game character is no more a dream. The facial recognition software allows you to give you a feeling that you are actually inside the game allowing you a surreal experience in the gaming world.

B.     Voice Controlling Feature:

Voice controlling is one of the coolest things. Vocal directions are given in the game and it is accepted abruptly. With the help of the shortest instructions, you can play the online game. This is certainly an exciting and new feature added to the bucket of technology based online gaming.

C.     Gesture Sensor:

Controlling has never been as easy as it is now with the help of this unique gesture sensing feature. By doing simple gestures, one can easily control the game. Well, this is also a new revolution in the world of gaming.

 D.    Graphical Advancement:

HD (High definition) and vivid graphics helps in portraying games in a lively manner.

A world similar to ours is subtly presented to convince the player into believing in its existence.

 E.     Virtual Reality:

The virtual reality games have made players enter into a world that is too real. Virtual reality games have the tendency to develop a gaming atmosphere around the player. This is a never before gaming experience for every player.

F.      Multiplayer option:

The multiplayer option has been everyone’s favorite. This is because you can have a good time with your family by battling against the evil together or solving online crosswords. You gather an increased number of audiences to participate and enjoy games with your real companions.

G.    3 Dimensional Visuals:

The 3D visuals and high-resolution portrays a world across the player. All this displays that a virtual world is created with finesse so that the player falls into the virtual reality of the gaming world.

H.    Portable Gaming:

Portability is a feature every player wants. No one wants to have games that are too heavy to port from one place to another.

Players can continue playing their games on their respective smartphone devices while traveling or moving. This is also an easy option to avoid interruptions in your fun time.

However, these technological advancements have changed the way we look at online gaming.

Having these features marked as a turnover in the history of online gaming. Awestruck by these advancements, there are many ways to get surprised by what’s more to come in the future of online gaming.


How Online Games have changed over the years?

Online gaming is the best you could get with the few online games with average graphics and split-screen to Carter for multiplayer. It was the cutting-edge technology at that time but looking back, it was slow and ride especially with flaws especially for first-person shooter (FPS) games.

Earlier mobile phones were still in their development phase and the developer options on both Android as well as iOS devices.

Mass participation

Next came the advent of mass participation games. One of the best examples is “World of Warcraft that literally changed the whole scenario. Game developers then realized it was possible to have millions of people competitively play on a similar platform without geographical border hindrance. However, a few countries have cyber borders though, but it is easy to avoid it with a VPN.

Adopting this to console gaming made a huge impact and the new release of FPS games had millions play the game daily.

Online gaming today dominates the video game market. Almost every game, regardless of the genre, certainly has that online element. A few require a 100% online connection to run.

As this has become the new style of gaming, online features have become the prime focus of games. And this is applicable not only for the players but also for the developers as well as the publishers.

Well, Call of Duty is one of the most successful FPS franchises of all times. This is because it is primarily bought for its online components rather than its single-player campaign. Other games like EA and Dice’s Star Wars Battlefront are exclusively designed for online, competitive play, with no real single-player elements.

Do you know that smaller independent titles have now spotted this shift in the gaming market? And this has further proved to be advantageous for them. A game called ‘Rocket League’ which is a football-inspired driving game was a huge success in the year of release. And it was designed across online matchmaking as well as game play.

Online Mobile Games

You can agree to the fact that smartphones made online gaming what it is today. This is because there are many games having free download and play options on iTunes and Play Store.

If players love a particular game, he/she can go for added features with in-app purchase with play credit. In addition to this, it also unlocks the levels that were otherwise inaccessible making players spend more hours on online gaming.

There is a long list of online games and you can challenge your friends from anywhere across the globe to a competitive game with the highest point scorers. This helps in getting recognition from the game’s developers.

Gaming Competition

The thrill of games also increases when one player competes with another and this is what players love about online games.

Online games give players the opportunity to have competition from the top players across the globe. Having faster internet connectivity, it is now possible to duel with anyone across the world without any lags which were earlier seen in the gaming consoles.

Today, online games have gained so much popularity that there is now part of international competitions. This is where the best global gamers compete for the ultimate crown of being the champion of that particular game.

 The Online Casino Explosion

Ever since online games have proved to be a viable and inexpensive option, a lot of other gaming mediums have jumped on the bandwagon.

Well, one of the major addictions of the players that became super successful in the gaming industries is ‘online casino’. The first ever casino was launched in 1996 but it did not manage to grab the attention of the audience until the late 2000s and beyond.

Today, with better graphics server space, and mechanics, casino games have managed to capture a huge gaming market having hundreds of millions of players worldwide. Plus, online casino games have also taken cues from other gaming platforms where players can interact with each other.

Wrapping Up

The entertainment industry is blossoming in the whole world. Gaming is a major section of entertainment that is giving an amazing experience to its players. It has been progressing over the decades at a rapid pace.

Both solo gameplay and multiplayer gameplay is an easy option of online gaming. It is clearly visible that in the near future, the gaming industry will flourish twice more than it is earning now. Online gaming is undoubtedly an opportunity for marketers to make money and provide a truly advanced gaming experience to the whole world.

The online gaming industry has nurtured in the past century to a whole next level. The amount of popularity that it has gained every year is immeasurable irrespective of the domain. It has managed to provide equally pleasurable experience to all. It is continuously evolving as well as strengthening its roots in the world. Conclusively, online gaming with its vast history, is a pleasurable and entertaining involvement for most of the people out there.

The faster internet connectivity and easy accessibility mean that more and more people are getting inclined towards online gaming and developers are making sure they put the best foot forward. So, when one looks at the evolution of online gaming, starting from retro RPGs to massive online experiences, it’s very evident that it’s been driven by players wanting to connect with each other. Regardless of the genre, player demand has seen the online gaming space skyrocket, and it is no mood of slowing down in the near future.



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