Whenever we think about moving, we think about the seemingly endless list of tasks and the struggles it brings along, from packing everything to finding reliable movers for the job. It all feels overwhelming, and the stress starts building up. On top of everything, you’re moving from Colorado to Dubai, which is no easy feat. Now, imagine that you only have two weeks or less to do it all. It doesn’t sound fun, does it? Luckily, if you’re in this situation, you’ve come to the right place. So long as you keep your cool, remain focused, and follow our guide, you’ll be enjoying your new Dubai home in no time! We’ll tell you all you need to know about relocating in a rush and how to plan it all. You will even have some spare time to check some news and read more about Dubai.

two people making plans for moving from Colorado to Dubai
Carefully planning an international move is the key to success

Moving from Colorado to Dubai requires careful planning

If you lack experience, moving in two weeks or less will feel like moving in a rush, to say the least. However, if you have a good plan, two weeks is all you need! Creating a list of important tasks is vital if you want to move from Colorado to Dubai efficiently. So, before you start looking for experts that can help you on your journey, you need to plan how everything will develop carefully. Apart from being cool and collected in order to get everything done, here are a few more things to add to your to-do list:

  • Create a budget. – You can’t relocate without having a budget in mind. Before you start spending money, you need to know how much you are ready to spend on the relocation. Do your best not to exceed your limit, even if it means cutting a few corners in the process. Using second-hand packing supplies and doing the packing yourself are great ways to save a bit of money along the way.
  • Create a detailed checklist. – If you want to avoid disorder and mistakes when moving from Colorado to Dubai, a good checklist will surely help. Note down everything you need to do, and double-check if it’s all there. List the items you want to bring with you, any important documents you can’t forget, and the required packing materials. Cross off the tasks one by one as you do them, and you’ll see notable progress.
  • Remain focused at all times. – Moving overseas is overwhelming, that’s for sure. This is why it is crucial to stay focused throughout the move. If you start doubting yourself, take a short break, breathe in, and remind yourself that you can do it. Then, go back to tackling your checklist with a clear head.

Packing in a hurry is simpler than it seems

When it comes to packing, the lack of time doesn’t really affect the process as a whole. Both the packing and the materials used are always the same. The essential packing material you’ll need is boxes. You could order your boxes online, but since your move is less than two weeks away, it’s easier to source them locally. Either find a supply store that sells them, or if you want to preserve your moving budget, get them from local supermarkets for free. However, don’t let the daydreams of visiting Dubai at night sidetrack you. You need to make sure that the boxes are sturdy and in good shape. Avoid boxes that have visible water damages or creases from rough handling. You don’t want to pack anything in a weak box as it may rip open during transit.

a travel bag with a laptop and a camera
Packing in a rush isn’t complicated if you have assistance

If you want to be absolutely sure that your items are packed quickly and up to standard, consider hiring professional packers for your move. Given that you’re moving from Colorado to Dubai in a little under two weeks, their help will be invaluable. They’ll have all your belongings ready to go in a flash, with nothing but safety in mind. Meanwhile, you can focus on other moving tasks from your ultimate checklist. If, however, your budget doesn’t allow this, you can always call your friends to help. Call a few friends or family members, preferably ones with previous moving experience, and ask them if they can help you out. Lastly, it would be a good idea to declutter your home before moving. Set aside any items which you don’t use anymore and donate them to a charitable organization in your area.

A team of good movers will make everything easier

Finding good movers for a relocation certainly isn’t easy, especially when you’re moving on such a tight schedule. This is why it is imperative to find a professional and reliable moving company for the task at hand. The first thing you need to do is ask your movers for a price estimate. Given the fact that you’re moving on short notice, it means that the price might be a bit higher than usual. If you’ve planned your budget right, this shouldn’t be too big of an issue, especially considering the fact that real estate prices in Dubai aren’t rising at the moment. This gives you some breathing room when looking for movers and a new home.

nighttime panorama of Dubai
With good movers, you’ll be enjoying the sights of Dubai in no time!

Once you find a team of reliable movers, you need to be open with them if you want to save time and nerves. Give them all of the details about the move, and they will help you create a plan of action. Not only will they take care of the logistics, but they will also make sure that the entire transition is safe and professional. As we’ve said before, having a team of experts by your side gives you enough time to focus on other things. You can plan the rest of your move or think of ideas for a luxury living room design. These are only some of the advantages of hiring professional movers for your international relocation. However, in a situation like this, where time is precious, they come to light as one of the major benefits.

A few more things to remember before moving from Colorado to Dubai

We often get sidetracked in the moving day madness, that we overlook some significant tasks on our checklist. One of the more important things on the list is personal documents and paperwork. Don’t forget to get all of your personal identifications reissued and notify your banks and business partners of your address change. If you want to avoid costs that may catch up with you in the future, remember to cancel all of your current utilities, such as internet services or gas. If there are items you absolutely cannot forget on a moving day, create an essentials box. This box should never leave your side, and it shouldn’t be loaded with the rest of your items. With simple tips and tricks like these, you’ll be on your path to success, and moving from Colorado to Dubai will be a breeze.


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