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How long does Coronavirus survive on surfaces?

The Coronavirus has created a significant ruckus among individuals around the globe because of its quick spread. The virus causing COVID-19 predominantly spreads from individual

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Why coronavirus spread so easily between people

Coronaviruses are not new. They cause the regular cold, which is one condition that maybe all living people have experienced in any event once in

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Impact of Coronavirus: UAE Updates

Despite how late in the game this announcement might possibly have come, in any event this raising of the alert will presently encourage governments to


Breaking News: Film Actor Irrfan Khan Passes Away at 53

Hours before entertainer Irrfan Khan passed on in Mumbai’s Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital on Wednesday, untimely bits of gossip about his demise were flowing and

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Pentagon Celebrates its 24th Anniversary, Offering a 360 Degree Platform of Digital Services

Pentagon Information Technology LLC is now celebrating its 24th anniversary in the world of digital services, including but not limited to Web Design, Web Development,