An expat lifestyle comes with many opportunities but also many doubts and challenges. As time goes by, expats build their families abroad, all the while facing differences in raising kids and living with their loved ones. If you plan on staying in Dubai, you’re probably wondering what it’s like to live there with your family. Here are the main things to know about raising kids in Dubai – all the advantages and disadvantages you should be aware of before bringing your young ones to the City of Gold.

There’s no simple answer

Before we go any further into raising kids in Dubai, there’s something we want to remind parents of. No place is too good or too bad for raising kids. For that reason, it’s not easy to give a simple answer. Surely, living in Dubai has its pros and cons. But, the most important thing is your attitude and the way you see things here. Happiness and content depend on the factors that come from the inside of your family. Outside factors are important, but they do not decide your kids’ happiness.

family making a healthy diet
Parenthood is affected by so many different factors – not only the location.

Adaptation can take a while

Depending on the age of your children, it may take more or less time for them to adapt. Feeling homesick and experiencing difficulties fitting in is common among kids after an international relocation. As this can be difficult for you as well, make sure you’re patient and understanding. One of the things you can do is talk about the move long before the moving day, explore Dubai online, talk about how they can stay in touch with their friends and family, etc. Be there for them, and remember that it’s okay to feel sad, no matter how great your new place is.


An essential factor for every parent is their kids’ education. In Dubai, there are several options for international students; you just need to pick the right one. Depending on your preferences, you can go for an international schooling program or American or British systems. However, international schools include expensive fees. That’s why you need to get more information about it beforehand and see if your relocation package covers these costs. Also, check if there are any changes in education during the pandemic. If possible, visit the school – preferably with your child. This visit will be a great way to lower anxiety on the first day of school.

Kids at an international school in Dubai
Choose a school where your kid will be happy and have the chance to develop their skills.

Fun times

Dubai is the city of theme parks, malls, zoos, and everything else kids like. You can go to the beach and make a list of indoor and outdoor activities that are child-friendly and fun. This can also be very helpful while adapting to the new environment. Ensuring your kids have fun will distract them from thinking about their old home.

Dubai beach
One of the advantages of raising kids in Dubai – the beach is available at all times!


One of the health problems Dubai residents face is pollution. The results show the pollution levels are pretty high here, affecting children’s health at all ages. Therefore, you need to be cautious about it and invest in air quality monitors and air purifiers for your new home.

High costs of living

In Dubai, almost everything is more expensive than in other countries. Even though expats have great salaries, they sometimes struggle with high living costs. Raising kids in Dubai is not cheap, so be sure to plan your budget carefully and pay attention to major expenses.

Preparing for the international move

Moving to Dubai is surely exciting, yet it can become overwhelming if kids are included. That’s why a solid plan will be your savior in this process – make sure you organize and list all the tasks you need to finish before the moving day.

Organizing the move

Deal with the main tasks first. Finding a place to live, organizing the move of your items, scheduling your travel, etc. International relocation experts from say that doing this earlier is always better. Once you deal with the main tasks, you will be more relaxed and able to slowly prepare for the big day.

Packing for the international move

While packing your household, there’s one rule that will help you out – the fewer boxes, the better. Decluttering is an essential step during this stage. Get rid of everything you don’t need or can easily repurchase in Dubai. Sell, donate or recycle and make your load lighter for less expensive moving costs.


Taking care of all the crucial paperwork before the move is one of the most critical steps of any international relocation. Make sure you prepare the necessary documentation early so that you have enough time for any updates or changes. 

A farewell party

Both you and your kids will enjoy a proper farewell party before you go. Having a good time with the people you love is the perfect way to prepare for the moving day. Let your kids invite their friends, too, and enjoy this occasion as much as possible. 

Raising kids in Dubai includes some common parenthood challenges you’ll have to face wherever you go. However, in Dubai, you can have more fun – we’re sure your kids will love all the child-friendly amenities you can find here. And the most important part is – living abroad as an expat is much more enjoyable when your loved ones are with you!


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