The last two years have been tough for the whole world. Because of the global pandemic, we all realized what is truly important – our health. Therefore, improving it became many people’s goal. However, it seems that some people mastered the art of being healthy more than others. And those people can be found in Dubai. When you look at them, it seems as though they have it all together – from how they exercise and take care of their bodies to how they eat. They all agree that doing this requires a change in mindset, and most importantly, habits. Thus, today, we will explore how people in Dubai are becoming more health-conscious. 

The Thing That Changed the Most – Diet 

A company called Datamonitor performed research on approximately 1000 Dubai residents. The results were astonishing! Namely, out of those 1000 people, about 80% said that they place greater importance on their health now than they did two years ago before the pandemic started. However, besides the pandemic, other factors contributed to becoming more health-conscious. Among them are issues such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, etc. 

In order to improve their immunity to fight coronavirus and all those diseases mentioned above, people in Dubai have mainly turned to healthy eating. Instead of processed foods, nowadays, you can see carts full of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. And even when they do buy processed foods, most of them take the time to read the labels and nutritional values – something that was rarely happened before. But, that is not all. Residents of Dubai are currently fighting to force food producers to make food labeling clearer! They want to know exactly what is in their food and whether it is good for them or not.

family making a healthy diet
At the end of the day, you will be as healthy as the foods you eat.

Moreover, there have been many online courses on healthy eating and clean eating habits made by either nutritionists or personal trainers like those from DubaiPT. These courses showed there was a large gap between people who ate healthily and those who thought they ate healthily. There was a lack of education – most people thought that eating healthy meant reducing fats and sugars as well as the quantities they ate. However, it was only recently when they realized that eating healthy meant eating regularly and moderately, as well as eating the right foods. 

Demand For Gyms is on the Rise 

Health is not only about healthy eating; it is also about moving your body. So, with the desire of Dubai’s residents to lead healthier lives, the demand for gym memberships grew. These are exciting times for the fitness and health industries. People want to look and feel good – as simple as that. We can notice this mindset among people from all walks of life. When you walk into a gym, you can see men and women, children and older adults, residents from Dubai, and foreigners.

New gyms and recreational centers are being opened as we speak. There are now gyms on multiple floors that allow people to exercise while maintaining both social and physical distance. Moreover, besides gyms, people have shown interest in other recreational activities like CrossFit, Pilates, and yoga. 

A woman doing sit-ups
Exercising is the way to a healthy life.

However, fitness trends in Dubai have changed a bit. Nowadays, besides gyms and other fitness activities, people are showing interest in outdoor activities. You can see people on the streets, beaches, trails, etc., walking and running. And, on top of that, they are also taking online fitness courses with personal trainers. 

There is a Lack of Fitness Instructors 

Since people in Dubai are becoming more health-conscious, there is a lack of fitness instructors. Just like with changing their diet, people realized that they did not have enough information about which exercise they should do and how they should do them. This was easy to fix – they decided to hire a trainer they can easily afford. Finding cheap personal trainers was possible at first since Dubai has an abundance of fitness instructors. However, as time went by and more and more people realized the importance of a professional of this kind, a lack of fitness instructors occurred. 

A personal trainer helping a women exercise
Personal trainers are a very valuable addition to a healthy lifestyle

Today, it is harder to find a fitness instructor. All of them are occupied with clients who booked them and paid for their services in advance. But, this too is changing! Currently, one of the most desired courses in Dubai is a fitness course. A couple of hundred people are being educated on how to train, become nutritionists, help people recover from covid 19, etc. Of course, this will not change overnight. Until it does, most people in Dubai are either following YouTube videos or taking part in some of the online working out and dieting courses.

However, the most important thing is already happening – people in Dubai are becoming more health-conscious! Changing the diet and exercising, as well as sleeping more, getting rid of stress, spending more time outside, etc., all contribute to maintaining their new lifestyles. We can all learn from them!


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