Introduction About The Vaccine Made By Russia Against Covid19

Covid19 is spreading like fire and burning the world. No measures or no medicines can suppress the virus except for the vaccine. The vaccine, we all have been waiting for to put a stop to this pandemic, has now been registered in Russia. Russia’s Covid19 vaccine is the first vaccine in the world ever found against this pandemic. Let’s see the details.

Details About the Vaccine

Russian president, Vladimir Putin had stated that the vaccine provides great immunity against the virus and also produces numerous antibodies in the vaccinated person’s body. He stated the example of his daughter which added more colour to the scenario. His daughter’s body temperature was maintained at 37 to 38 degrees Celsius which is perfect as it is the normal human body temperature. Moreover, her body had a large number of antibodies which proves the lasting immunity of the vaccine. Russian authorities have stated that the medical workers, teachers and other prone groups will be vaccinated in the initial phase. Putin also stressed on the point that the vaccine will be voluntary. The vaccination process will start as soon as this month probably according to the statements by the medical authorities. The other added advantage of this vaccine is that it can give immunity against Covid19 for 2 years. Russian officials hope to start large scale vaccination in September and mass vaccination might start by October.

russia covid 19 vaccine

Trial Period Of The Covid19 Vaccine In Russia

Due to the rapid spread of the virus, Putin had ordered to shorten the time period for studying Covid 19 vaccination. But this didn’t stop the scientists from studying about it. Even within the limited time period, they put in their heart and soul into finding a vaccine to stop the pandemic. Professor Alexander Gintsburg, head of the Gamaleya institute that developed the vaccine confirmed that they had tried the vaccine on the scientists themselves. 76 volunteers came front to take up the vaccine in soluble as well as liquid form. Some of these were recruited from military. Apart from this, many accusations were raised against the country. There were rumours that the Russians tried to snatch the vaccines from the Western labs. But this talk didn’t discourage or stop them from researching on the vaccine.

Proud Moment For Russia

Russia is now enjoying its most prestigious moment as it is the first country to find a vaccine against this deadly virus. Endless number of televisions, newspapers and more have aired this information which makes them stars of the world. Studies are still going on the side effects of this vaccine and verification of any harmful effects. This piece of information is truly a treasure to the eyes as it gives us a hope in bidding this virus a great goodbye.



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