The United Arab Emirates is unlike any other place in the world. The Gulf nation has plenty to offer, with a diverse population, nightlife that rivals London and New York, and no income tax. For expats from around the world, the UAE is becoming extremely popular. Abu Dhabi and Dubai have established themselves as two of the world’s most expat-friendly cities, with a high standard of living, good salaries, and plenty of work options. If you have doubts about moving to the UAE, read this handy guide on things you need to take care of. First of all, you should get informed about buying your first property in the UAE. Moreover, the list of reasons for moving from Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates in 2021 might make it easier for you to make up your mind.

Why move to the UAE?

The climate

It has year-round sunshine, and temperatures rarely fall below 20°C. You can spend as much time as you want in the sun at a park or beach from September to May.

A thriving economy

The UAE’s growth may not be as rapid as it was at the turn of the century, but it is still growing at a steady and sustainable rate.


Most expats are drawn to the UAE by intriguing employment opportunities and the prospect of earning a little extra cash. Inevitably, a tax-free wage implies more money in your pocket.

Stability in health, education, and transportation

Healthcare and education are on par with the best in the world. Many good private international schools are available. The new metro system has been heavily subsidized and is now a modern, fast, clean, and dependable alternative to driving.

Make your visa arrangements

Before you hire Four Winds KSA to help you execute your move, make sure you’re aware of the requirements you and your family need to fulfill to enter the UAE. When moving to a new country, one of the first things to consider is whether you are legally permitted to live and work there. The criteria for entering the UAE differ depending on your circumstances; therefore, make sure you have all of your visa and immigration documentation in order before departing. This will ensure that you have no problems when you move into your new house.

A passport

Get informed about visa requirements to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Most expats need to obtain an entry visa to stay in the UAE for longer than 90 days. Do not be concerned if you do not yet have a job in the UAE. Many institutions, including airlines, hotels, and even a fellow expat with a UAE residency visa, can sponsor entry visas. The process of applying for a visa in the UAE is simple if you obtain an entry authorization. Most expats have their employer file their visa paperwork and apply on their behalf. Many employers will do the same for their employees’ families.

Take charge of your finances

When moving from Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates, it’s critical to organize your money so that you can support yourself and your family. This includes any short-term cash needs as well as long-term financial planning, such as:

  • Savings accounts: Before you relocate, do some research into your banking alternatives and options.
  • Investments, taxes, and pensions: Is it possible to transfer your pension to the UAE? What impact will this have on your investments? Carefully research and consider everything you need to know about investing in the UAE and the UAE tax system before moving from Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates.
  • Insurance: Regardless of your needs, ensure your family’s possessions are protected by arranging insurance premiums before you depart.

It is easy to open a bank account in the United Arab Emirates, albeit expats must be present. Many banks will demand account holders sign paperwork in person.

You’ll need five things to open a bank account:

  1. Your passport
  2. Proof of employment 
  3. Proof of address
  4. Local identification, such as an Emirates ID
  5. A letter from your employer outlining your employment title and income
  6. If you already own a business, make sure to check out these tips on business set-up in the UAE.

Hire professional moving services

Do you think you’ll be able to bring all your possessions to the UAE in a suitcase? Moving your stuff to the UAE might be difficult, so why not enlist the help of a professional relocation specialist? It goes without saying that every international move is specific and challenging in its own way. Many relocation specialists provide assistance and support for all elements of your move, in addition to transporting your possessions.

Professional movers will make your relocation significantly smoother.

This covers storage and move-in assistance, so always hire experienced international movers and make sure you are in good hands. These services might help you relax and enjoy your relocation from Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates in 2021.

Make sure your health insurance is in order

When relocating abroad, one of the most important things is to ensure that you and your family have adequate health insurance. Not only will this provide you peace of mind in your new home, but all expats living in the United Arab Emirates are now required to have health insurance. So, protect yourself and your family from any unanticipated medical expenses by researching insurance options with competent international health insurance companies ahead of time.

A doctor

Health insurance is a must before leaving for the UAE.

To obtain a residence visa, you must first undergo a medical examination in the UAE. Those who test positive for infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS, or leprosy will be deported right away. It is also essential to understand that testing positive for any recreational drugs is a criminal violation. Concerning Covid-19, the UAE, like many other countries, requires wearing masks to prevent the transmission of the virus.

Make your move

We hope that this expat guide provides you with the necessary information to assist you with moving from Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates in 2021. The UAE will be a lovely home for you and your family as long as you have an income that allows you to appreciate everything the Gulf nation has to offer.


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