Fire protection systems adhering to right terms and conditions are primary to any building design that are used for commercial or residential purpose. Selecting a good and quality approved firestop product is crucial for those who are responsible for the design, specification and construction of new and refurbished buildings. Considering the importance, Fischer has developed a range of firestop products that are certified and tested of the given quality measures and norms.

Firestops are designed to maintain the fireproofing of a wall or floor assembly allowing it to impede the spread of fire smoke and toxic gases. Fire protection systems increase life safety of occupants, protect and prevent damage of the property in sudden fire outbreak.

Depending on the structure, architecture and the design of the building or space, firestop products come in a range of materials that are installed in joints within walls, ceilings and floors.

Fischer Firestop products are available in variants of fire resistant acoustic mastic, firestop sealant, firestop spray, firestop foam, etc. These products are also available in different materials and for different purposes. The capacity of fire control varies with respect to the material used and the designed function of the product. Most common firestop product is a one part water based acrylic sealant designed to provide smoke and fire protection on construction joints in both vertical and horizontal applications. Water based sealants are substituted with silicone, intumescent graphite based synthetic compound strip or band, gypsum based compound and one piece closed dimension stone wool core.

To address the modern issues and construction designs,  Fischer have also developed innovative fire resistant products. Intumescent Acoustic Mastic FiAM, Fire Rated Silicone Sealant FFRS, Fire I Barr ElastoSeal FFB-ES, Intumescent Wrap Strip FiWS, Fire Collar FFC,

Cavity FireStop Clad FCFcl,  Intumescent Pillows FiP, Foam Barrier System PLUS, etc are few of the Fischer Firestop products made of different materials and use, serving fire-resistant service penetration in both vertical and horizontal applications. With their easy installations, Fischer has been serving as one of the top and best choices of architects and construction designers.



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