Introduction to online courses

Online…Online…Online. We hear these words quite often nowadays, especially after the pandemic, Covid 19 has conquered the world. Looking at the present-day situation, various entities have been upscaled from offline to online. So is the case with our traditional educational systems. Majority of the people rely on online courses and platforms while there are a handful few, who still believe that traditional systems are the only ones which can keep the flame of education ignited. Let’s see which lot wins the battle.

Looking at the bright side of online courses

Ever imagined to learn python programming from the founder of the language himself? Well, it seems to be an unfulfilled dream if it weren’t for the introduction of online courses. We can take up various courses from world renowned professionals at a reasonable fee.  Throwing light on the bright side of this theme, we also see that flexibility of time can be assured through online courses. Imagine you had taken a course from institute. If the course is for say, 1 hour, it would take you a total of 2 hours for the travel to and fro and also some time for relaxing a bit from the tiredness. Also, online courses ensure lifetime access to the course content which is quite a relief if u want to refresh your knowledge on that topic. Distant students have various courses available just at their fingertips. We can take up the course at any time as per our convenience. This helps in maintaining a balance with our life and education. Well, now you see, the pros of this system are just endless.

student using online platformss

Traditional yet effective

Now think about courses like badminton, swimming or acting. These courses aren’t that effective through the online mode. Well maybe, if you are an amateur in these fields, it might be a great benefit. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case with beginners. These types of courses require physical presence of the instructor as well as the student to ensure best productivity. Also, distractions come in many disguised ways to take you off from your learning schedule. This mostly affects teenagers and young adults and lead to wastage of time. Teacher- student interactions are lost heavily with these platforms. Primary school students often find it hard to grasp the topics at ease.

To sum it all up

As it is said ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the observer’ so does the conclusion of this dilemma. It maybe a boon to one and on the other hand, a bane to another. It is up to the perceiver to make the best choice and follow it sincerely.



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