People often underestimate the importance of jogging compared to running. The term “jog” is widely used to refer to an easy or recovery run. However, it provides multiple benefits to both your body and your mind. Find out how jogging improves your health, and maybe consider adding some casual jog to your schedule!

Your body is your temple – and it needs maintenance

  • Every cell in your body strives to serve its purpose. There are a few physical activities that focus on using almost every cell in your body, one of which is jogging. From the foundation to the finery attached to the exterior of your ”temple,” a good morning jog has a positive impact on:
  • the bone strength
  • muscle definition
  • increasing heart function
  • improving lung capacity
  • boosting immune system
  • weight loss

Fortify the foundation

Your body’s bones and muscles system is the foundation that resists gravity daily and keeps your body functional. When you jog, your bones experience additional weight-bearing. With consistent repetition of the exercise, they will get stronger. Repetitive usage of your muscles will signal your body to boost them with contractile proteins, and your muscles will grow and be more defined.

A man ties his shoelaces.
Having a strong locomotor system is vital for a quality life.

A jog a day keeps the cardiologist away

Fun fact – people who run or jog regularly have a lower heart rate and decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Your heart is a muscle that pumps blood to provide more oxygen for your tissues. Every aerobic exercise forces your heart to pump excessively because your tissues need more oxygen. As your heart is a muscle organ, your body will, over time, deposit more contractile proteins in it and make it stronger. That way, it will need fewer contractions to pump the necessary amount of blood.

…a pulmonologist too

Jogging also has a good impact on your lungs, especially if you do it in nature. Regular joggers have proven to have better and higher lung capacity. Some studies show that jogging can help with lung detoxicating in people that have recently stopped smoking. However, you must focus on breathing correctly in order for it to be effective. Many beginner runners struggle to endure their exercise plan because of poor breathing techniques. If you are just starting, adapting your lungs can be the most challenging part.

Boost your immune system

Researchers found that moderate exercise like jogging strengthens your body’s ability to fight off illness, debunking the myth that working out makes you tired and more susceptible to it. Another review of the scientific literature found that regular joggers were less likely to contract bacterial and viral infections. This is one more reason to embrace those sneakers and put them to work, now more than ever.

Shape your temple the way you desire

Since the beginning of the Instagram influencers’ era, there’s been an increased demand for weight loss programs. But, as expert professional trainers at suggest, there’s no healthier way to decrease your BMI than jogging combined with weight training.
No matter how fast or slow the pace of your workouts, cardio is a great way to lose weight. It activates many muscles simultaneously, increasing your calorie burn and energy needs. Also, jogging is more effective than walking at burning calories because of its increased impact on every organ system included.

Jogging is good for your soul too

The WHO definition of health includes mental health too. Nowadays, we put more and more accent on it, and it’s a great thing about this century.  

A good jog can lift your spirits

A mile can seem like a marathon on some days. But, when you get through that first mile, you might feel like you can fly. The addicting sensation of excitement after a good jog is provided by increased secretion of endorphins. The ‘hormone of happiness’ is released through your spinal cord initially to numb the pain, but its ”side effects” (excitement and happiness) are the reasons many people become addicted to having good morning jogs after a while.

A kid that shows that smiling and jogging improve your health.
Fun fact – endorphin is also involved in the falling in love process. Who knows, maybe you will fall in love during your morning jog on the beach?

Philosophy of jogging

Running appears to be a mindless sport, especially if you’re not aiming for a specific pace but instead just jogging around for the sake of it. However, some studies show that runners’ brains show different connections involved in higher-level thinking than those of sedentary people.
These areas are known to aid in working memory, multitasking, attention, decision-making, and the processing of sensory information such as vision. In another scientific review, aerobic exercise was found to improve executive functioning and protect the brain from deterioration due to aging and stress.

Travel to a land of dreams on foot

The benefits of regular exercise for a good night’s rest are probably well-known by now. After doing moderate-intensity exercises such as running or walking, recent studies found that people who had been getting less than six and a half hours of sleep a night reported getting 75 minutes more of sleep each night (more than any drug). The 30 minutes of jogging per week for three weeks is enough to improve sleep and decrease daytime drowsiness.

Will jogging improve your health and life expectancy for real?

Low-intensity jogs two or three times a week—for a total of 60 to 145 minutes per week—were found to be the best way to increase life expectancy, mainly because of their beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. By increasing the usage of fatty acids when you jog, your body prevents them from sticking to your blood vessels. That way, you lower the risk of atherosclerosis, which is the number one cause of most cardiovascular diseases.

Happy people running in a group.
The most critical part of a jogging routine is to have fun!

So, if you ask us if jogging improves your health and life expectancy, we say absolutely yes. It will help you upgrade both physically and mentally, and when you get used to it, it will be a great and fun experience. Okay, so what are you waiting for? Share with a friend what you’ve learned today and say ‘absolutely yes’ to jogging too!

How Does Jogging Improve Your Health?

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