In case you’re as fixated on chai as I am, this maybe is the most relatable piece you will have perused for your entire life. Also, I kid you not. 

1. Beverages Anyone? Chai Please! – Music To My Ears 

Each time you’re asked cordially: ‘Would you like something to drink?’… By default, you in a real sense shout out the words in sheer fervor, ‘Chai please!’ You need to put forth negligible attempt, as the expression essentially moves off your tongue, unchecked, completely voluntarily. You will likewise frequently wind up contemplating whether you’ll be offered tea when you visit somebody’s home or office; it’s as though your ears long for to hear the words. 

2. There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Chai – Tea Time Is So Underrated 

One cup of tea daily is so faltering – it’s not so much as a thing. It’s very nearly an affront to chai and all the chai-darlings out there. On the off chance that you truly need to encounter the awesome decency of chai and really exemplify what chai is about, you need to continue to drink tea consistently, and not once, not twice, but rather threefold. Four will not damage by the same token! 

3. That Much-Awaited ‘Aaaaahhh’ After Each Sip – Wait For It 

Let it out, there’s nothing more pleasurable and fulfilling than that first taste of your chai after which you let out a long ‘aaaaahh’ just to be trailed constantly taste, and the cycle rehashes the same thing. Just a genuine chai-sweetheart can encounter that ‘aaaaahh’ feeling and really grasp how that first taste deals with your spirit. 

4. There Is No Perfect Time For Chai – I Will Drink It Whenever I Want 

Morning, evening, evening or night. Your taste buds can request tea anytime during the day and you should do nothing not as much as taking care of them new chai. Am or Pm, you couldn’t care less and it doesn’t make any difference. A chai-darling’s gotta do what a chai-sweetheart’s gotta do! 

5. Nothing Tastes Better Than Dunking That Biscuit In Your Tea – An Undying Love 

Disregard sandwiches and cakes for tea; rolls are the chief! In the event that there’s anything that goes completely well with chai, it is those rolls. There will be times when you dunk your roll in the tea and are past the point where it is possible to take it out. The base portion of the roll will fall into the tea, and as it swims in the cup, you will loathe yourself at that point however your adoration for chai and rolls won’t ever kick the bucket. 

6. Exhausted At 2am? – Let’s Make Tea! 

It is surely normal or a shock for you to make tea at odd hours. In the event that I, being a chai-oddity, can awaken in the night when the clock peruses 4am and starts to blend a new cup of tea with sluggish eyes, I trust you can, as well. 

7. Did Someone Say ‘I Hate Tea?’ – Practice The Eye-Roll On Them 

You clearly can’t tolerate people who don’t drink tea and that is only more than reasonable. How could individuals not love chai?! It is presumably perhaps the best thing that could happen to us! Presently clearly, you see, very much like there are espresso and green tea haters, there will be chai-haters as well. In any case, you, as a chai-fixated individual, think that its exceptionally difficult to grapple with that reality. Particularly when that unassuming cup of chai has been with you through various challenges. 

Best cafés in Dubai 

Notwithstanding espresso, the most ideal approach to unwind for most occupants in Dubai is with some tea. And afterward there are the individuals who incline toward a more remarkable adaptation of the famous drink than what standard off-the-rack assortments offer. Luckily, there are tea stores in Dubai that offer huge loads of tea assortments from around the globe, giving benefactors the uncommon chance to attempt them all. Regardless of whether you are an ardent tea aficionado or are searching for a mix that is unique in relation to your standard cuppa, here are the absolute best coffeehouses in Dubai that merit a visit. 


From the brand’s particular teas like Matcha and Herbals to exceptional varieties in Wellness Blends, Chocolate Tea and Spice Tea, this coffeehouse in Dubai has everything for the insightful mix fan. A brand brought into the world in the UAE, AVANTCHA works as a store tea idea where each precarious, leaf and arrangement is completed to draw out the most perfect flavors from your mix of decision. 

Situated at the core of Al Quoz, “Dubai’s sole tea bar and shop” highlights single-beginning mixes and botanicals obtained from probably the best tea homes on the planet. The shop is quite explicit as far as retail as clients can counsel an on location tea master for choices that are however keen as they may be fulfilling. Items accessible for buy incorporate natural sans pesticide teas in biodegradable teabags, free leaf re-sealable pockets, tea tins or as occasional blessing hampers. 

A few items accompany preliminary things. For instance, clients who purchase the Ceremonial Grade Matcha additionally have the choice of buying a Matcha Whisk Holder for AED 53. 

On the off chance that you rather taste your pick, the tea specialists at AVANTCHA will blend it not too far off. The space is splendidly lit and highlights a moderate inside where benefactors can taste on chosen creations in harmony with free Wifi and loosening up tunes. 

Contact: +971-4-338-9114 

Area: Unit No 2, Al Quoz 1, Al Manara – Dubai 

Opening times: 09:00 am to 07:00 pm | 10:00 am to 05:00 pm (Friday and Saturday) 


The name “FiLLi” can be viewed as inseparable from Dubai’s tea culture. Quite possibly the most famous tea brands in Dubai, FiLLi has a few branches in the emirate. Set up in 1999, all items offered by the brand are liberated from counterfeit enhancing and additives. 

Obviously, benefactors likewise have the choice of requesting any of the other grouped breakfast things, sandwiches, mixes and cold beverages offered at FiLLi outlets. 

Contact: +971-04-294-2231 

Area: Nakheel, Opposite Golden Square Hotel, Nakheel Center, Naif – Dubai 

Opening times: 06:30 am to 03:00 am 


Somewhere else for great air pocket tea in Dubai, Booba has a few outlets in the emirate. A brand that has some expertise in the fruitier and now gigantically famous rendition of the universally adored mix, Booba bistros in the emirate consistently have a constant flow of clients. 

The brand’s menu incorporates classes from customary Milk Teas to specific renditions like Juice Teas. Benefactors who lean toward something more grounded can generally arrange from Booba’s menu. 

Contact: +971-04-422-8525 

Area: The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai 

Opening times: 10:00 am to 12:00 am 


Outstanding amongst other coffeehouses in Dubai, TWG Tea has a few branches across the world. A tea brand from Singapore, this retail tea store has an assortment that is viewed as one of the biggest on the planet. To try not to overpower clients, items here can be bought by their nations of birthplace, as free leaf teas, teabags, blessing sets and bundles. For instance, the shop stocks teas that are local to nations like Japan, Bangladesh, Colombia, Indonesia and others. 

On the off chance that you rather taste on your determination first, The TWG Tea Salon and Boutique in Dubai Mall has a menu that offers a great assortment of their mixes. Clients can likewise go with their request with any of the store’s hand tailored patisseries, sandwiches and different chomps on the menu. All things considered, TWG Tea is an incredible spot to purchase tea in Dubai. 

Those keen on creating buys can visit any of the two outlets in Dubai or request their favored determinations from the TWG Tea online store. 

Contact: +971-4-385-1616 

Area: Mall of the Emirates, Level 1 

Opening times: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm 


From a perfect assortment of worldwide teas to excellent teaware, Tchaba is next on our picks for outstanding bistros in Dubai. The brand stocks everything from free leaf white teas to Herbal Infusions. Having some expertise in fashioner tea, the entirety of Tchaba’s items are created utilizing premium full leaf teas sourced from select tea estates on the planet. 

From a variety of rooibos to green teas and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, every variation from the brand is made explicitly to suit the Arabic sense of taste. Outstanding items remember teas for the Herbal Infusions class. Produced using the decoction of flavors, spices and different plants in steaming hot water, natural teas are well known for facilitating regular sicknesses and can be served hot or cold. Contingent upon your necessities, you can purchase a cluster of Ginger Calm for AED 52 or a Verbena Mint for AED 30. 

Obviously, if the possibility of purchasing store tea is a generally new encounter, you can decrease the mystery by picking something from the brand’s successes. 

There are some Tchaba store outlets in Dubai. Notwithstanding, clients likewise have the alternative of requesting from their online store. 

Contact: +971-56-834-0597 

Area: Aspen Lounge, Kempinsky MOE, Dubai 

Opening times: 09:00 am to 11:00 pm



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