Google’s newest ad ban policy is a classic better late than never situation. In the latest advertising policy update, Google has announced two ad bans, the stalkware apps, and coronavirus conspiracy ads.

Google announced that from August 11 onwards the stalkware apps will not be able to advertise through Google, as it is a particularly odious class of software that is largely associated with abusive partners who want to stalk the movements and activities of their significant others.

Google already doesn’t allow stalkware apps on the playstore and removes occasionally after they slip through the cracks. Google will not allow the non-exhaustive list of ads to include the text, call, GPS tracking apps, etc which has generally advertised for stalking purposes without the consent of the user. The interesting thing is that it doesn’t include the software, but include the hardware like cameras and audio recorders explicitly marketed as spying devices. In this case, the violater account will be suspended with seven days of warning time.

Starting from August 18, Google will no longer allow the websites that promote the coronavirus conspiracies ads to monetize the site. This new Google ad policy change will ban the ads on certain pages or to block the entire website from the advertising platform.

According to Google Spokesperson, “They have to add additional safeguards by expanding their harmful health claim policies for both the advertisers and publishers to include the harmful content about the health crisis and scientific consensus.”

Google has struggled to maintain a balance with the content concerning the global pandemic. In early 2020, the search engine has already banned running ads by non-governmental advertisers. Youtube, the google owned has also made it difficult to monetize through videos related to coronavirus. Google themself classified COVID 19 as a sensitive topic, thereby helps to stop the people from capitalizing off the delicate breaking events. This policy also helps in keeping the brand’s advertisements off potentially inappropriate content. AS corona became a full-on pandemic affecting everyday life in the US, youtube has revised its policies to let more creators monetizeCovid 19 content. And also changed the policies which limited who can run coronavirus related search ads.



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