• Gold Souk or Gold Souk, is a traditional market in Dubai, UAE.
  • Souk consists of over 380 retailers, most of whom are jewellery traders, At the souk, there are many gold stores and you will find a plethora of designs at different price points.
  • The gold is carefully regulated by the Dubai government to ensure all the products at the souk meet international standards.


  • A famous name in jewellery, Damas has stores all over the city.
  • Damas is famous for its bridal jewellery and, apart from its own brand, it stocks other popular branded jewellery.
  • Dibla, Diamond Leela, Farfasha, Fior, Fairouz, and Harmony are some jewellery brands you will find at this store.
  • Damas Jewellery imported the first diamond cutting machine for producing diamond-cut bangles and wedding bands.


  • Damiani is a luxury Italian jewellery brand famous for its intricate bracelets.
  • Damiani was founded by Enrico Damiani in Valenza Po in 1924
  • Damiani stocks only expensive jewellery, so expect stunning designs and pieces with superior gemstones.


  • Liali is famous for it’s 18 and 24-carat gold jewellery sets with precious gemstones and diamonds.
  • The USP of the store is that they can custom design any piece of jewellery to your liking.
  • Lali specializes in certified diamonds, pearls, precious & semi-precious stones, 18k gold, customized handcrafted jewellery

Gold and Diamond Park

  • The Gold and Diamond Park is huge and it is conveniently located in the heart of the city center.
  • The jewellery park is famous for offering various types of gold jewellery by the biggest brands in Dubai.


  • Agatha is a French brand popular for its classic and chic jewellery.
  • The Agatha store has a gorgeous collection and is the perfect place to shop for a gift or special occasion.
  • Agatha is famous for its colorful statement pieces.


  • Cartier is famous for its high-end jewellery.
  • Cartier necklaces, bracelets, and rings are favorites with Hollywood and Bollywood stars.
  • Besides jewellery, the brand is also famous for its wristwatches.


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