With numerous gyms, top-notch training facilities, and annual fitness challenges, Dubai is one of the fittest cities in the world. Although these venues have closed at the peak of the pandemic and during the lockdown, the interest in fitness has not declined. Quite the opposite, it has grown more than ever. Even those that might not have been the active type before have certainly shifted their attention to the importance of being fit, vibrant, and healthy. Thus far, 2021 is a year in which many fitness trends in Dubai have emerged.

Exercise as medicine 

Physical activity is a faithful alley of optimal health. It not only aids us in losing weight and slowing down the aging process, but it benefits the maintenance of a strong immune system. Point in case, regular exercise might reduce the risk of coronavirus complications, as a strong body is better equipped to fight off life-threatening diseases. The positive effects of fitness on reducing stress and anxiety are proven time and time again. Hence, with more people looking for ways to improve their health and overall well-being, exercising itself is a growing trend. The number of fitness aficionados has reportedly grown significantly among people of all ages.

Online fitness classes 

Although many restrictions are currently lifted and things are getting back to normal with certain precautions, working out at home prevails among the top fitness trends in Dubai in 2021. The experts at Dubai Personal Trainer were unanimous that customized online workout classes and various online platforms enjoy great popularity. These are great options for anyone aiming to incorporate a regular exercise routine on a daily basis. Setting up a place at home that will serve as a gym space is an ongoing trend among the residents of Dubai. Besides, numerous fitness apps are also a hot topic among the health-conscious. All in all, virtual fitness is on an upward trend in 2021, and it seems it is here to stay.

Outdoor fitness activities 

Being in the open and enjoying the fresh air is always pleasant. However, it seems that after a period of lockdown, outdoor activities are gaining a whole new appreciation. Moreover, soaking some sun rays while indulging in your favorite sport is a proven way of boosting your immune system against coronavirus. Hiking, cycling, doing yoga in your backyard, or enjoying a tennis session are all great ways to do so. In Dubai, some gyms are moving out in the open during the humid summer months.

A woman with a bike in the desert drinking water.

Outdoor activities are among the most prominent fitness trends in Dubai this year.

Mental wellness merges with fitness trends in Dubai in 2021

Due to the pandemic, the question of mental health is out in the open more than ever. Fitness helps achieve inner well-being effectively. Thus, the objective of many exercise programs is shifting from merely losing weight to benefiting the way we feel. Pro fitness tips for good health in 2021 advocate mindfulness and good rest, as much as regular physical activity. The importance of self-care has been around for a while, but it certainly is one of the most prominent fitness trends in Dubai this year.

Yoga for the body and the mind  

Combining breathing exercises and movement, yoga is the perfect recipe for showing some love to your body and mind. It aims to create a balance between the two, and isn’t that exactly what we all need? Yoga improves balance and flexibility, and over time it helps you strengthen your body and mind. With so many benefits packed in a session that can take as little as 30 minutes at the comfort of your home, no wonder this is a long-term favorite fitness trend in Dubai. Yoga could be the optimal start of returning to exercise after recovering from COVID-19, as the level of difficulty is easy to modify.

A woman doing yoga on a terrace.
Yoga is beneficial for good health and overall well-being.

Fitness trackers, wearable technologies, and biohacking 

Among the standout fitness trends of this year worth mentioning are the numerous increasingly popular wearable technologies. Smartwatches are among the trendiest gadgets for monitoring fitness performance. These are not new on the market, but they are constantly improving and becoming part of our daily lives. The latest releases are trackers that measure stress and anxiety levels, and 2021 is set for the surge of fitness tracking devices that provide even more precise biometrics. 

Biohacking is another fitness trend that is growing in popularity among Dubai residents. This involves testing for allergies, gut health, and genetic predispositions. The aim is to determine small lifestyle changes that will specifically benefit your body and your current health condition.

Personal trainer courses are in high demand  

Today more than ever, people are aware that good health takes a mindful approach. Despite the recent slowdown, our lives are still packed with busy schedules and endless lists of daily responsibilities. All this makes it difficult to keep track of our diet and fitness levels. In fact, many people don’t even know where or how to make the first step towards a life of better health and quality.

Luckily, you can find the right type of education fairly easily. Personal trainer courses are among the most upward fitness trends in Dubai in 2021. Many people recognize the importance of professional guidance to achieve personal health and fitness goals. A personal trainer is an invaluable resource for creating the optimal diet plan, and a source of support to stick to it. Moreover, this, in combination with the right workout plan, is a foolproof way to reach your objectives and enhance your health and overall well-being.

A woman in the kitchen looking at her food.
Personal trainer courses are an ideal way to reach your health and fitness goals.

The sums of fitness trends in Dubai in 2021

The fitness trends in Dubai for this year reflect the latest scientific and health research. However, the health benefits of exercising are timeless. Thus, take lead from our pick of the bunch above, and choose what suits your lifestyle best. Make good use of all the commodities available and ensure your optimal health and well-being.


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