Almost the entire world is under lockdown right now for preventing the spread of the Coronavirus. With a vaccine still far off, most of the countries are looking for ways that get their economies moving. 

Many countries are using apps for tracking the movement of people and identify and isolate all who have come to contact with infected people and thus progress towards leaving the lockdown. 

These contract tracing apps are used extensively today in most countries like South Korea and China and in India, too they have been introduced recently. 

But there are a plethora of doubts and questions that come to the mind regarding this app that must be clarified prior to starting to use it. 

There are in fact quite a few advantages and good reasons for people to use the location tracking app for helping to contain the pandemic. Here are some examples. Take a look. 

  • Digital Tracking of Virus Spread – Research has shown that only digital contact- tracing, amongst the various strategies tried to deter the spread of virus, is capable of taking control over the virus. This calls for smartphone usage for tracking the movement of people and notifying them automatically when they come in contact with someone who has the virus. This is going to encourage to self-isolate and prevent the contamination further. The location tracking can be improved by encouraging and enabling users to check in when they enter places like public transport stations, workshops or shops. This will improve the digital tracking further. 
  • Getting Alerted – The Corona infected location tracking app, in most countries, can and should also alert people when they come across a person who is Covid 19 positive. So if you cross paths with a Covid 19 positive case within 6 feet proximity this app is going to make you alert so that you can take apt precautions like self-isolating and gargling and even taking immune-boosters. 
  • Added Tips for Security against Covid 19 – Apart from location tracing, such an app, in most cases also shares the tips and tricks that can be embraced to contain the Covid 19 virus. This includes everything from maintaining social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands. Not just that, the diet requirements that can boost immunity are shared here in majority of the places where these are used. This may also involve things like gargling and having warm water! 
  • Assistance During Isolation – This location tracing app is also seen to provide help during the time when people are advised to go for home isolation. This is especially for the asymptomatic patients who test positive but do not show symptoms and hence remain healthy but have the chance to spread the disease. So they are suggested to remain indoors for 14 days. This app can come to the aid at that time by providing access to health facilities and food facilities. 
  •  Getting Onself Checked – This app is also going to tell on the basis of the symptoms as written or entered by you, whether you need to go for a test or not at the nearest testing care. This will help you to take precautions and arrest the condition before it progresses further. What’s more important, this enables you to isolate in a hospital or at home (based on the severity of the condition) to prevent its spread. 
  • To Know Whether Travelling Will Be Safe –  As this one is a location tracing app, this also tells you in advance whether it will be safe for you to travel to a particular area or location on the basis of the amount of positive Covid 19 cases there.  This will protect you and your loved ones from travelling to places that can turn out to be dangerous. 

Although through such an app you are giving permission to the governmental health authorities to constantly track you, but this actually benefits you in more ways. So most of the users, as shown by studies, are willing to give up a little bit of personal freedom for the greater good, voluntarily. 

Moreover, this also enables you to take care of your family, reach the loved ones, bring help and also deter the spread of the ailment. Such a digital app created by talented html5 mobile app development team will help us to safely get back to work, school and normalcy when the situation improves eventually.



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