Introduction To Belief And Faith And How It Is Affected By Covid 19

Have you ever imagined that we would have to pray to the Almighty looking at a Youtube video? Well, it seemed to be strange for all devotees unless the outbreak of Covid 19 spread at a rapid pace. Has it affected the faith and religious beliefs of the worshipers of various religions? Has the downfall of belief and faith being caused by Covid 19? Let’s see.

Present Scenario Affecting Belief And Faith

Following the safety protocols of Covid 19, social distancing and other safety issues have led to the closing of the places of worships. Various services of worship have also been cancelled to ensure the safety of the masses. But, don’t you think the current situation is just worsening with this decision? When you are depressed about losing your jobs, being away from your loved ones and so on, a little peace of mind can be enhanced by visiting a place of worship and praying for the best to come.

girl is sad due to reducing faith and belief caused by Covid 19

Strength Of Belief And Faith Reduces In Young People Due To Covid 19

Various platforms like Sunday schools, madras and more have also been shut down due to the pandemic. This has led to the weakening of faith in the hearts of the younger generations. These platforms are the ones which instil and grow the flame of faith in the young minds. But now, children and young adults are moving far away from these.

Faith And Belief Face Challenges Due To Covid 19

Due to the strict NO to social gatherings, various religious festivals and customs have also been called off. This poses a huge downfall to the traditions and cultures followed by numerous religions. These were those tiny details which add colour to a religion. Traditions and cultures followed by religions makes them unique to a good extent.

Hope For A Brighter Tomorrow

Though things aren’t the way it used to be, a flame of hope can still be kept lit in our hearts. And let the barriers of worship, be seen as obstacles and let us together overcome them by not letting go of our belief and faith and look forward for a better tomorrow.



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